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NYS, NJ, FL, PA, & DE, Security Guard Courses

Shadow provides all required certifications and re-certification classes for employment for

 New York State, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, licensed armed or unarmed security guards.

We are licensed by the New York State Dept. Of Criminal Justice Services and approved to teach:

Unarmed Security Guards

Please call for available dates and pricing

  • 8 Hour Pre-Assignment for Unarmed Security 

  • 16 Hour OJT - On The Job Training 

  • Package for both 8 Hour & 16 Hour Classes

  • 8 Hour Annual Genaral Topics Course 

  • 8 Hour Annual General Topics Course 

A security guard as defined in Article 7A of the General Business Law [§89-f (6)] is a person (other than an active police officer) employed in NYS to principally perform one or more of the following duties, and the person is not performing the functions of a private investigator as defined in Section 71 of Article 7 of the General Business Law:


  •  protection of persons and/or property from harm, theft, and/or unlawful activity;

  • deterrence, observation, detection, and/or reporting unlawful or unauthorized activity;

  • street patrol service; response to, but not installation or service of, a security system alarm.​


Added value for taking our course - students will be given interactive training related to scenarios they will possibly encounter working in the field of security. Training videos are also included in the classroom to enhance the students understanding of all written material. Students will also be given a pre-examination review of all state required certification training to re-inforce all material covered and successfully pass the exam. This is what makes our training a cut above the rest.

  State of the art facility, free parking, free coffee, water and pick up and drop-off within 10 miles of our location.


Armed Security Guards​

  • 47 Hour Armed Guard Training  **(Prerequisite - Unarmed Security License-N.Y.S Pistol License and Firearm)*

  • 8 Hour Annual General Topics Course - Required for Armed 

  • 8 Hour Annual General Topics Course - Required for Armed 

  • 8 Hour Annual Firearm Certification - Armed 

  • Package for both 8 Hour Annual General Topics and 8 Hour Annual Firearm Certification 


​Guards who carry firearms are required to complete a 47 Hour Firearms Training Course before they can be licensed as an armed security guard. This course includes seven hours of classroom instruction in the Use of Force (NYS Penal Law Art. 35) followed by a written examination, and 40 hours on the firing range followed by weapons qualification. Upon successful completion of this course the guard is issued a training certificate. This certificate must accompany the security guard's registration application when submitted to the Department of State.

**Those who have completed the 47 Hour Armed Guard Course can enroll in the Shadow FTA S.M.A.R.T training courses. These courses include marksmanship assessment, awareness improvement, reflex reaction improvement, and techniques to improve your personal defense with live firearms. This training is totally separate from the state required training, and definitely worth the investment.**


Armed guards must also complete an 8 Hour Annual Firearms Training Course which includes three hours of classroom refresher on the Use of Force followed by a written examination, and five hours of weapons qualification which includes a proficiency examination. The guard must complete this course as a prerequisite for renewal of his or her armed guard registration.

Our trainers are all certified in New York and other states to teach security guard certification courses and firearms safety courses. Our training staff consists of current and former law enforcement, military,  private security executives,  managers, protection specialists, and investigators.

*****Call for class dates and times, or visit our calendar page*****

8 Hour Pre-Assignment for Unarmed Security / 8 hour Annual (Also required for Armed Guards)


47 Hour Armed Guard Certification and 8 Hour Annual Firearm Certification- Due to the course of instruction and live fire exercises, after consultation with an  instructor, each students training schedule will be set. Student must have N.Y.S ID, Pistol Permit and firearm before signing up for this training.

Students must be on time for class! Lateness of more than 20 minutes will result in rescheduling for next class. Lateness's up to 20 minutes will be require student on first break to make up lost time with instructor.

**Certificates will NOT be issued until all mandated course hours are completed and required examinations are passed.**

Payment for all courses can be made by Money Order , Credit Card, Bank Check, or Cash


2 Carol Ave, West haverstraw, NY 10993

P: 845-429-1330     F: 845-429-4959


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