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Active Shooter Training
Live Reality Based Active Shooter Drills at your work place or our training academy 

Run/Avoid/Evacuate - Hide/Deny/Lockdown - Fight/Defend/Counter

Today more than ever, the need for civilians to be prepared to respond to the potential of an active shooter situation could not be more important. Civilians are the eyes and ears on the ground. and the first line of defense in preparing, responding to and mitigating this horrific ordeal. Sadly, most civilians are not properly trained on how to respond. Here at SFTA, we make it our mission to educate the masses on how to respond in an appropriate manner. Below is a recommendation from the US Department of Homeland Security:


 -If you can get out…DO IT NOW!!! Do not hesitate.

 -Leave your belongings behind. It is just property!

 -Don’t wait for others. Help only if you can.

 -Keep your hands visible. Police do not know who you are.


 -Hide in an area out of the shooter’s view. If possible, avoid trapping yourself

 -Blockade entry & lock door(s)

 -Cover vs. concealment

 -Turn off lights & be quiet. Silence phones/pagers

 -If two or more… Spread Out.

 -Develop a plan


 -Attack aggressively. Do not  hesitate!

 -It is you or them

 -This is not a hostage situation

 -Do whatever it takes

 -Throw things


 -Improvised weapons

 -Do not quit!!!

If you are ready to become an active participant in your own safety, this training is for you.

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